Bill Simmons on the Patriots’ Victory

Bill Simmons Recaps Patriots’ Superbowl Win→

Bill Simmons, at his best, recounting the Patriots’ victory, blow by blow, in perhaps the best Super Bowl ever:

After two gut-wrenching replays sandwiched the déjà vu shot of a stunned Brady looking on in disbelief, Michaels smartly remembered, “This was where Tyree had the helmet catch — this is the scene of the crime” as NBC rolled off the Helmet Catch replay.

I mean, what are the odds? Seriously?

Would you believe a Gone Girl sequel in which Ben Affleck’s character gets framed for the murder of his second wife, Amazing Emily, who turns out to be just as crazy in all the same ways as Amazing Amy? You’d never buy this in a million years, right? Well, the Lap Dance Catch happened. The Lap Dance Catch somehow trumped the Helmet Catch. It was even MORE ridiculous. My god. Why do we follow sports? Why do we do this to ourselves?