Smart Homes Still Dumb

Smart Homes Still Dumb… For Now→

Gizmodo tests Wink’s “affordable” smart home and reports we haven’t quite reached the smart home future:

This isn’t to say that smart homes are dumb. The idea of a more efficient apartment that automatically adapts to your wants and needs is genius! But affordable technology like what Wink’s peddling isn’t quite there. It’s a hell of a marketing pitch to say that your products offer a simpler way to a smarter home, but Wink’s misleading everyone who thinks that 21st century home improvement is as easy as screwing in a Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb. The products do sort of work sometimes, if you’re lucky. But they hardly represent the affordable smart home revolution I’d so fondly hoped for.

Feature-free as they may be, most conventional home products just work. For instance, there’s about a century of development, debugging, and user testing behind truly simple home technology like a cheap old light switch. So when you come home in the dark and turn those lights on, they turn on. It’s an old-fashioned solution! But it’s also affordable and dependable.