How Far in Advance do Cartoonists Work?

How Far in Advance do Cartoonists Work?→

True. And fascinating.

If you didn’t recognize the real source of the Dilbert strips this week as the alleged North Korean hack on Sony, you might think I created this comic series based on my experience this week. One of the things I learned as a cartoonist is that the news doesn’t actually change. I can do a comic on a current event in June and be confident the news will still be similar in November. Sometimes the names and details change, but the general topics in the news stay the same.

And the effect is weirder than you imagine. Obviously there will still be the same wars and political battles next year as this year. But if the media picks up a story about some celebrity sticking a ferret up his ass you can be sure there will be seven more stories of the same nature before the end of the year. The news follows themes when certain types of stories get popular. When I see a theme developing, I feel safe assuming it will be in the news in a few months.