The Question About a Scott Walker Candidacy

The Essential Question About a Scott Walker Candidacy→

If you’ve been wondering about the buzz, and uncertainty over a Scott Walker candidacy, this is a good summary:

It is the second proposition – beating Hillary – that will test not only Mr Walker’s broader appeal as a candidate, but also how far Mr Obama, and his own urban coalition of young people, women and ethnic minorities has managed to move the beating heart of America these past seven years.

At the age of 47, Mr Walker is a whole generation younger than Mrs Clinton, and yet paradoxically his Evangelical Christianity, his apparent uncertainty over evolution, his bloody confrontations with the labour unions and his belief in supply-side economics seem to hark back to an altogether earlier era.

Republicans might be nostalgic for Ronald Reagan, but it is far from clear that with the economy recovering and after decades of growth in government spending (under both parties) a majority of Americans will want to follow Mr Walker back to the future in search of a better tomorrow.