I’m in Ceasars. I’m God. Nailed it.

I’m in Ceasars. I’m God. Nailed it.→

A fascinating profile of the richest fine art photographer in history, Peter Lik. The man is a real character:

Peter Lik is in awe of himself. When he describes his career as a fine-art photographer, he speaks with the satisfaction of a guy who has performed miracles, at the pace of a bystander who just caught a glimpse of Superman. The words tumble forth in self-exalting, run-on sentences, most of them laced with profanity, all of them in the sunny, chummy accent of his native Australia.

“I’m the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, most awarded photographer,” he said one recent afternoon, sipping a can of Red Bull in a conference room at Peter Lik USA, a 100,000-square-foot headquarters in Las Vegas devoted solely to the production and sale of Peter Lik photography. “So I said” — and what Mr. Lik said next is an unprintable version of “the heck with it,” and then — “I want to make something special, special, special, special.”

Read the article to see what the headline quotation refers to. Aside from entertainment value, his success is an interesting study in pricing, business model, and marketing. Recommended.