Will Apple Watch Distirt Global Gold Supplies?

Will Apple Watch Distirt Global Gold Supplies?→

TidBITS asks “How Much Gold Will the Apple Watch Edition Consume?” the shirt answer? A lot.

Part of the Apple Watch Edition’s appeal will be exclusivity. What’s the fun of wearing $10,000 on your wrist if every other schmoe with money to burn is wearing one too? It’s only fun to join an exclusive club if it remains exclusive. If anything, too much popularity may limit sales.

Even at 100,000 per month, or 1.2 million units of the Apple Watch Edition sold annually, that’s still a lot of gold — 2.4 million troy ounces or about 75 metric tons. That won’t throw such a big wrench in the global gold market, but it’s still going to have an impact.

I may still buy a gold coin or two, just in case.