How to Focus

How to Focus→

Listen to the same songs on repeat. the reasons why this works are interesting:

Armed with my newly crowned “Focus” playlist, I got to work late at night when my brain was starting to fall asleep. I sat down to some frustrating programming tasks, put my playlist on repeat and began my experiment.

It worked! As I ramped up into my work, I immediately found the flow much faster than normal. I focused on the lyrics on the first pass, a bit less on the second pass, and by the third pass I was barely aware of the background noise. It was fantastic. Even the slower beats of “The Masterplan” weren’t breaking me out of an energetic flow. I cranked through everything I’d set out for myself without a second thought.

Why does it work? Surely there’s something in the human psyche that makes this work for me just as well as it does for Matt. What is it? I needed to do some research.